Welcome to our Blog! But what is it?

Welcome to our Blog! But what is it?

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Welcome to our Blog! But what is it?


Saturday, October 10, 2015

Pilots Approaching  from the East will find us along the new A30 and near two large Windmills. Circuit height 500ft and tight please due neighbours. Please study the map hard before flight.

Join over head and use your call sign transmitting your intentions as they unfold. "Roche traffic G-EEFF finals for runway 33" etc.

Suggested final approaches:

Please not pilot discretion is advised.

For our Southerly 15 runway, join from the North, to the East of the windmill set, which shows in the centre of the first map. Make a slight turn to line up after the tree line, but before the final hedge. Be aware of the down slope south half way along this runway. be prepared to go round if landing too deep.

For the Northerly 33 runway, approach base on the empty 'tundra land' inside a small pointy clay spoil hill. Turn onto final from here. Landing is up hill and fairly simple. If going around don't forget to turn right slightly onto 360 to miss the windmill.

For South Easterly 11 runway, approach from the North West corner and be advised of an electricity cable  on short final and down hill on a short runway. Only use this is you have a capable Microlight or goodly wind. Please know your pilot limits too this is very short.

For the North Westerly 29 runway, approach finals from the NW note landing is short but uphill. If you go round depart straight over the A30 missing the services make a wide circuit just north of the A30.

Tea Coffee and a flush looe for facilities.

For runway 29 approach from the South West corner this is short but up hill with no real issues only the hedge short final.